How it Works

Engage.Me™ is an innovative and revolutionary solution specifically tailored for brands and advertisers who seek to engage with their customers through global, real-time interactions via Web and smartphones. With Engage.Me, you will have the ability to distribute targeted, meaningful and engaging experiences to our vast network of users.

Your customers will directly engage through actionable experiences via specific tasks or exciting viral games that will create a more enticing interaction for your consumer. Paired with our StringFly™ mobile application, consumers will be rewarded with discounts and promotions from your brand as they accumulate points with each experience they share with their friends and family.

Engage.Me delivers strong, long-lasting brand engagement that will yield immediate gratification on both ends—from a simple photo upload, to a 15-second video clip showcasing a consumer interacting with your brand. You will receive instant real-time results while your customers indulge in instant satisfaction rewards—guaranteeing their continued engagement and viral awareness to their network of friends.

The Engage.Me technology is hyper-targeted so you can concentrate precisely on whom you want to reach and engage. With a user base that is organized into incredibly specific segments based on various profile attributes, your brand will receive an audience custom picked to benefit from and enjoy your product. Additionally, Engage.Me allows you to control the contextual relevancy of your campaign to ensure that it's relevant in context with the content that is being created and the experience that is being propagated.

With unprecedented results, your brand will be able to measure results immediately through customer retention and acquisition, increased response rate, brand loyalty, viral awareness, and valuable customer insight than can also be used for market research.

Also, Engage.Me enables you to create rich community experiences around live events involving celebrities, musicians, sports, and more. By using the StringFly mobile application, tech-savvy entertainment enthusiasts can engage with their friends by streaming and uploading text, photos, and videos to branded entertainment channels in real-time.